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Batch #1 (001-010) by asthenie_vd

Subject: Hornblower (itv)
Batch: Batch #1, icons 01-10
Themes: Colorful, Lost, Joy, Companionship, From now on, Trouble in Paradise
Additonal Notes: comments & credit are greatly appreciated ♥ but not required. Just don't steal, edit or hotlink.

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Batch #5 (86-90) by hobbit_face

I was hoping to have all completed before posting because I'm so close, but real life interrupted my time to make icons, so I figured I'd post what I have so people know I'm still alive, and still aware of this "claim".

Subject: M*A*S*H: General Series (season 1)
Batch: Batch #5, icons 86-90
Themes: Flowers, Artist's Choice (x4)
Additonal Notes: I own nothing and all credit can be seen at my updated table.

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To those of you iconing, waiting for claims to be accepted, etc.

Both erikssiren and I (arwenthemuse) are incredibly... busy. That's really all there is to say about it; we're busy. She's dealing with her life, and I'm dealing with mine, and honestly I don't have time to try to keep up with claims these days.

I'm not sure what to say. Our numbers have dwindled over the years, and it's been incredible fun, but it's getting slower. I know some of you still enjoy this, and so I want to leave this community open. I am thinking that it might be best to not monitor claims, just let you use the lists, claim a subject, complete your challenge and post your icons here. This means multiple people can claim the same subject, and I will not be monitoring your time limit, nor will you have to wait for clearance to start on a subject.

At some point in the future, I would really like to start monitoring things, because honestly I myself like having an actual time limit to hold me accountable; it's just not something I can handle right now.

That said, if you would like to complete a challenge and do not have posting access, please feel free to write a little note on the subject claim asking for access. DO remember the community rules! Continue to post properly, etc - at some point, I WILL be around again to archive the posts correctly and keep tabs (and I'd like to think you'll still have banners for posting in the hall of fame!). If you do have posting access and want to do another challenge, go for it.


Batch #3 (40-59) by hobbit_face

Subject: M*A*S*H: General Series (season 1)
Batch: Batch #3, icons 40-59
Themes: Rain, Fire, Ice, Hush, Time, From Now On, Tears, Water, Artist's Choice (x11)
Additonal Notes: I own nothing and all credit can be seen at my update post and my updated table.


Over half way done! Mostly just Artist's Choice left! :)

Batch #1 (1-27) by hobbit_face

I wasn't sure if I was officially accepted or not, but I decided to start making them just in case. I figured I might as well post them now seeing as a) I have a decent amount completed, and b) I didn't want people to think I had a fake claim.

Subject: M*A*S*H: General Series (season 1)
Batch: Batch #1, icons 1-27
Themes: Alone, Magical, A Dreamer's Dream, Brightness, All is Wrong, All is Right, Wicked, Smile, Laughter, Misery, All That I Am, Soul Food, Love, Glory, Full of Regret, Green, Blue, Red, Snarky, So Close Yet So Far Away, Joy, Beautiful, I've Been Bad, Companionship, Mine, Trouble in Paradise, My Drug
Additonal Notes: I own nothing, comments & credit are love, and screencaps from here and here.


See all at my progress table