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icons100's Journal

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The Icons x 100 Marathon
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10 Weeks, 100 Icons. Can you complete the challenge?

QUICK LINKS: Subject Claims List | FAQ | Waiting List Claims | Hall of Fame

Just like those "100 words fanfic drabble" communities like hp100 and slytherin100 except this place is for making 100 icons. ;) Works much like our original sister community, iconfiend100, the main difference here is that we don't take claims for anime characters and pairings but rather, this community will focus on movies/tv series and their character roles. In any case, welcome to icons100 where possibly insane icon makers dwell. :D

A B O U T * *

In the most basic terms, this community is for icon makers to claim a subject for a certain amount of time in order to meet the challenge of making 100 icons out of said subject. A fan of Draco from Harry Potter? Well then are you up for making 100 icons of just Draco to show your devotion? If that sounds like an interesting challenge to you, then why not join in on the fun?

How it works:
01. Join the community. You must be a member to participate.
02. Submit a claim for your subject of choice at this post and then wait to be approved.
03. Once approved, you will be given posting access and you may then begin to post icons of your subject.
04. You make 100 icons out of your subject following certain terms and themes. You don't have to do it all in one go...you may post them in small batches each time.
05. If you've completed the challenge successfully, comment at the Hall of Fame post to get listed. You can also get a shiny banner to show off your insanity. :D Your subject is then free for the taking again.

But as with all communities, there are some rules and fine details. Please read the following carefully. If you have any questions, you can ask here.

R U L E S * *

[x] The subject focus that's allowed in this community are movies/tv series or their actors/actresses roles. By actors and actresses, I don't mean celebrities. While choosing Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter is allowed, choosing Tom Felton as your subject in general is not. For more information on rules pertaining to the subjects, please refer to the FAQ.

[x] Each subject may only be claimed by one person at any given time. You are allowed a span of 10 weeks to complete the 100 icons for your subject, though of course it'd be nice if you finish them sooner than that. :) This is done so that one person isn't just hogging a subject all the time without making the icons. To prevent "fake claims", you must post at least your first batch within the first 2 weeks of claiming a subject.

[x] Each person may claim up to two subjects at a time. Additionally, you'll have the same amount of time to complete your icons. So if you've applied for 2 subjects at once, you will still have 10 weeks to complete 200 icons.

[x] All 100 icons must contain your subject in them. That's the whole point isn't it? Your icon can include other characters as long as your subject is in the icon as well. While this is allowed, I would recommend you to do it sparingly and to please remember to try and keep your icons focused on your subject.

[x] You do not have to post 100 icons in one go. You can break them up into smaller batches...say about a minimum of 6 or more per post so that the community won't clog up everyone's friends pages with single icon posts. Please put your icons behind a cut! You are allowed to preview up to 3 icons outside of the cut. And before you ask, yes...you're allowed to do fake cuts if you wish - all I ask is that you state clearly that it's a fake cut.

[x] If your icon contains questionable rating content, please post a noticeable warning and place all of those icons behind a cut. You MUST do this! And while I know this should be pretty obvious, please no porn movies. :p

[x] Please make new icons for this challenge. It defeats the point and isn't much fun if you just dig out old icons you have of your subject and post them as part of your 100 icons. :p Also, while icon makers of all levels are welcome...please put effort into your icons. Don't just crop a picture and slap text on it. You're supposed to be devoted to your subject, so show it in your icons! :)

[x] Out of the 100 icons you make, part of the challenge is to make 50 of them following a particular set of themes. These themes are included down below and can be taken pretty much any way you like. You can use them as the text on your icon or you can use it purely as an abstract interpretation. For example, in the "red" theme, your icon can represent that theme in terms of the actual color of your icon...or if red reminds you of anger as in seeing red, your icon can show anger, etc. Be creative! :)

So basically, 50 of your icons are free choice, meaning you can do whatever you like with it as long as it pertains to your subject. And the other 50 has to follow a given set of themes to make it a bit more challenging. :) Note: You do not have to make your icons in the order of these themes. You can make them in any order but each theme can only be counted once. Don't make 5 icons of one theme and skip some other themes entirely.

Please know that these themes are included for extra fun and challenge. There's no theme police around here to determine if your icon qualifies under said theme. All in all, just have fun with them. :)

The codes for your tables are posted below. If you have any questions regarding how to use the code, feel free to comment on the entry and I will answer as quickly as possible. I've already explained a quick and easy way to change the background colours and all of the table in the comments, if that interests you. Cheers!


01. Alone 02. Magical 03. Embrace 04. Sunshine 05. Sorrow
06. A Dreamer's Dream 07. Colorful 08. Brightness 09. Rain 10. All is Wrong
11. All is Right 12. Lost 13. Wicked 14. Smile 15. Laughter
16. Misery 17. Secrets 18. All That I Am 19. Soul Food 20. Love
21. Fire 22. Ice 23. Glory 24. Full of Regret 25. Green
26. Blue 27. Red 28. Forgotten 29. Snarky 30. Mmm Yum!
31. Hush 32. Reminisce 33. Why 34. Time 35. So Close Yet So Far Away
36. Joy 37. Kiss 38. Beautiful 39. Hope 40. Desire
41. I've Been Bad 42. Fury 43. Companionship 44. From Now On 45. Mine
46. Trouble in Paradise 47. Tears 48. My Drug 49. Flowers 50. Water


01. Back to Basics 02. War 03. Left Behind 04. The Cry Within 05. Darkness
06. Grey 07. Please 08. Stop Helping Me 09. Someday 10. I Hate You
11. Real Hero(es) 12. Lyrics 13. Epic 14. True Friend 15. Old School
16. Meant to Be 17. Evolution 18. Lol pwned! 19. Epic Fail 20. Bad Habits
21. Cursed 22. Eureka! 23. Superman 24. Always 25. Fight
26. Enemies 27. The Office 28. Knight in Shining Armor 29. End of the World 30. Rescue Me
31. Saved 32. Archaic 33. Animal 34. White 35. Black
36. Peter Pan 37. Fairy Tale 38. How We Met 39. Evil 40. Good Guy
41. Blood 42. Monster 43. Funny 44. It's a Game 45. I Hate This
46. Shakespearean 47. It's Over 48. This is It 49. Sometimes 50. The End

As of 3 December 2009, the following prompts exist to make your job a little easier. If you are having trouble with any prompts for your table, you may replace UP TO and NOT EXCEEDING five (5) prompts and replace them from a prompt on the following list. You may not create your own prompts - you may only select from this list of twenty prompts.

Should you choose to do this, just replace the title of the prompt in your table with the prompt you've selected from this list. Additionally, in the posting form below, post something to the effect of Theme you replaced (Theme you used) [<strike>Theme you replaced</strike> (Theme you used)], just so we know what themes you elected to omit and add.

01. Blank 02. Choices 03. Checkmate 04. The Coming Storm 05. Empty Spaces
06. Hold Me 07. Lies 08. OMG 09. All That Remains 10. Weak
11. Favorite Moment 12. LOL 13. Home 14. Mystery 15. Black & White
16. Sepia 17. Burn 18. Element 19. Fly Away 20. Innocence

P O S T I N G * *

[x] When posting your icons to the community, please do it in this format (this is not optional; posting in this format makes it 100 times easier to place your post in the memories correctly):

Subject Line of Post Your batch number, and how many icons you're up to, followed by your name. For example "Batch #3 (010-034) by pyro_monkey17" It should contain the bolded words and NOTHING else. There is a place in the form below for the name of your subject.

Subject: (for example: "Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy")
Batch: (for example: "Batch #3, icons 21-30")
Additonal Notes: (credits, disclaimers, your rules of usage if someone wants to use your icons, etc.)

And then your icons, with only THREE teaser icons, the rest are to be underneath an LJ cut. If you'd like to place your icons in a table, obsessivefangrl has very kindly written out the code you use here.

    For additional clarification of the posting format...

    If the first batch of icons you made were of themes 4, 7, and 12, you have to include that it's "batch #1, icons 1-3" (since those are the first 3 icons out of the 100 that you've signed up for).

    Then, in your next batch, let's say you made icons with themes 1, 27, and 34, and you also made 3 artist's choice icons, then somewhere in your post should include "batch #2, icons 4-9" (since that batch included the next 6 icons out of the 100 that you signed up for, bringing your total to 9.).

[x] Do not include any banners you've made for your subject outside of a cut.

[x] Do not disable comments when you post to icons100. Disabling comments disables the ability to stick your entry into the memories from within the community.

[x] Do not post multiple subject claims into one entry. Your claim will not be categorized properly into the memories if you do.

And that's basically it. Please take a look at the FAQ page for more miscellaneous info or if you have a question, you can ask there as well. :)

A F F I L I A T E S * *

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// All questions should be directed to this page and I'll try to reply as soon as I can.

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And finally, please help promote this community and spread the word. After all, the more the merrier...and the more icons you get to see/share. :) Mucho thanks to lori and her super kind blessings!

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